AirPod (APOD) – An ICO for relaxation at the plane station

What is an AirPod?

The AirPod is more or less a private room in the shape of a capsule that will be in public places such as airports, malls, hotels, and perhaps even your own office.  It is designed to be a spot to get away and relax, while still be in a public place.  These pill style rooms will be equipped with comfortable seats, internet, aroma functionality, blinds, mood lighting, and other amenities to help you relax and even get a few things done on the computer.  To be able to relieve stress and maybe even make the hectic trip seem like it is more tolerable is something that this unit will surely do.

You could book yourself a hotel room… Or you can take a nap inside the pod and there is no need to worry about someone taking your items.  These pods provide a place to sleep that you can not find anywhere except a pricey hotel room.  At an airport, most people are stuck waiting for their soon to come connection and so a full night at a hotel would be overkill.

It will be possible to book by the hour and it will even be possible to completely rent the pod out yourself.

The team has done tests to find that airports are a good starting location for the pods.  They have factored many things into their conclusion, including average spend at the airport, number of passengers, and age when it comes to certain factors.  The prototype is already working and there are tens of thousands of potential locations for the pod.  The idea is to find as many places as possible to expand this business.  It is a business that is supported by crypto infrastructure and results in transparency.

These pods will be easy to install.  They come pre-built and are easily able to be moved around.  Placing these pods in the center of a busy area could be a great idea.  The innovative idea could easily become a billion dollar idea once users witness the technology and realize what they are missing.

What makes this ICO different?

This is a unique concept on the blockchain.  It is backed by an actual business.  The product is desirable and provides value.  The APOD token is required to use the AirPod rooms.  This token can also be exchanged for participation in profits that these units make.  The token is decentralized and built on the Ethereum blockchain.  The team behind AirPod has a successful track history.

The APOD token can be stored in any Ethereum based wallet.  AirPod is looking to accumulate at least $2.7 million to ensure that the project can have success.  If this minimum threshold is not met, all contributions will be returned back to those that have invested.


Features of the AirPod:

  • Access to Wifi & Amazon TV
  • Anti-stress sensory programs
  • Book online or through a mobile application
  • Electrical sockets available
  • Filtered air conditioning
  • Comfortable seat that can also function as a bed
  • Luggage compartment
  • Desk & alarm clock
  • Soundproof
  • LED system that serves as a disinfectant

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