DBrain (DBR) ICO – Open Blockchain to Collectively Build AI Apps

What is so special about DBrain?

DBrain makes designing, building, and buying artificial intelligence a secure and seamless process.  With DBrain, workers and data scientists can work together to turn raw data into a solution that is artificial intelligence.  On the DBrain platform, workers can get paid in cryptocurrency to perform tasks such as data labeling and validation.  On the other side, data scientists can take this information and use it to build and train their AI application.  The platform provides tools that help automate the AI process.

Since DBrain is using the blockchain technology, data labeling can be managed at a good quality.  The SPOCK and PICARD protocol help with production.  The SPOCK protocol ensures that all of the data labelings are validated.  The SPOCK protocol is used for security purposes.  Data can stay confidential and distribution of the DBRAINCOIN (DBR) can be managed.

DBrain makes it possible for a business to get AI technology at a fair price.  It can also be seen as a place to make some money for those willing to perform data labeling and validation. Countries that have yet to develop can take advantage of the opportunity to work on something that requires a minimal skill set. Other platforms that exist are not able to accomplish these tasks. They also tend to fail at ensuring quality data labeling.

How does the AI production line work?

Smart contracts are used to ensure that workers can securely receive their fair share of the revenue.  They are able to upload data and host data sets as well.  Labelers then come in to validate these pieces of information.  Data scientists can take this information and use it to make artificial intelligence.  Businesses can then purchase this and even request other AI.

The end product

The DBraincoin (DBR) will be used as a form of payment to pay for and receive work as well as use the AI applications on the DBrain platform.  There will be a fixed number of this cryptocurrency available.  The web application allows users to perform the tasks that they can do to receive and withdraw DBR.  The Telegram bot is used for labeling the data and validation purposes.  The mobile application that is currently being created will let mobile and tablet users complete more complex tasks and give access to custom datasets.  Businesses will be able to list tasks that can be completed.

Some major uses for artificial intelligence could be image recognition, video surveillance, processing medical data, and processing natural language.  People use images to communicate, and images are necessary for discovering products. Businesses spend a killing every year on repetitive tasks that involve graphic design.  In the end, it is about saving money and creating intelligence.  Camera companies sometimes rely on AI to find dangerous behavior.  Video can be uploaded to the platform to train Neural Networks.  Processing language can be useful for chatbots and to indicate situations by the tone of the sound.  Imagine being able to spot a potential terrorist attack.


Does all of this sound interesting to you?  Check out their whitepaper for more information on the presale.

Here is the link to the DBrain campaign: https://bountyhive.io/join/Dbrain

Written by: soulstreak


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