DocTailor (DOCT) ICO – Custom Legal Binding Smart Contracts Platform

How is DocTailor useful?

DocTailor can be viewed as a legal document platform on the blockchain that seeks to assist in creating and distributing customized smart legal documents.  Their goal is to make smart contracts easily accessible.  It will offer payment options that include fiat money and cryptocurrency.  In the future, the economy will rely on self-automated, custom legal agreements and smart contracts.  The reason for this is the cryptocurrency market projection.  It is projected that cryptocurrency will increase tenfold in the next 10 years.  This makes DocTailor very desirable for making and sending smart contracts.  Smart contract generation will improve this by exposing users to cryptocurrency as well as promoting expansion.


DocTailor saves time and money

In today’s world, businesses have issues creating smart contracts for various reasons, sometimes involving tight budgets and customers with limited money.  Time is almost always an issue here because these contracts require a lot of time to make.  We all know that in the real world, time is money.  This is where the DocTailor platform comes into play.  The platform seeks to save business both time and money by making the process fast and easy.

DocTailor uses a feature that can find and highlight parts of a document.  Altering these areas is easy with the platform.  The entire document can be deployed in under a minute.

The Long-Term Solution

DocTailor might be the solution to cryptocurrency spreading its wings and allowing others to adopt it.  Putting a focus on the flaws of existing smart contract applications will show that DocTailor enables access to the blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency in general.  Customized smart contracts can be incorporated into systems that are the third party due to the platform supporting third-party API integration.

Token Sale

The bounty campaign began on February 25th and ends on April 30th.  After this time, 9 million DOCT tokens will be distributed.  This is the currency that is used on the DocTailor platform to do everything.  The presale for the token is currently taking place.  If you were to sign up today, you would get a 30% bonus for purchasing at least 1 ETH and a 40% bonus for purchasing at least 10 ETH.  This bonus decreases every 10 days for the remaining of the presale.

There will be 500 million DOCT tokens in existence.  50 million are to be sold during the presale.  The DocTailor team will keep 100 million for themselves.  50 million are alotted for ICO bonuses.  This leaves 300 million tokens for normal takensale.  At this time, there are no plans to add more than the 500 million tokens in the future.

The DOCT token can be used to purchase tailor-made legal documents while on the platform.  There will eventually be other features on the website that can be bought with the token.  The use of the token on the platform will earn you extra time versus paying with normal fiat money.  The ability to create and distribute documents on the platform can also earn you income from those seeking to use the document.

Check out the whitepaper for more information on the ICO.

You can also find information on their bounty campaign here:

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