iShook – An ICO to create paradise for the content creator

What issue does iShook address?

In this day and age, there is an issue with content creators not getting the credit that they deserve.  When they publish their work and it gets taken by a large business that more or less takes all credit, the creators get no credit and are left to fend for themselves.  iShook seeks to address this problem by creating a platform where content creators can be recognized for their work.  The idea is to create a gateway between content creators and interested audiences.  Authors will have the ability to publish their works on the platform for a fixed yearly fee.  They will also be able to reach their desired audiences.  The social networking platform will allow audiences to express their thoughts on the works and share insights with other users.  The end goal is to be able to share various types of content and monetize it.

iShook has a platform that already exists and has publications

The social networking platform exists and is looking to adopt blockchain technology to further incentivize.  There are over 12,000 authors and 60,000 ebooks that have been uploaded.  They also have a mobile application that can be downloaded and an e-commerce store.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology

To be able to utilize non-intermediary transactions is incredibly useful for registering and distributing content.  The iShook token will be used on the platform.  This token is their way of a smart contract that helps cut costs by taking out the middle-men.  This token will represent a value on the network that is more or less determined by the community.  It incentivizes people to use the network.  They can be spent as micro-transactions, payments to your peers, and more or less ad exposure on the platform.  This allows content creators to maximize their exposure and get the most reward for their work.  These tokens can even be sent to an exchange and converted into USD later if one desired.

Spectator fees for access and engagement can be placed on content.  Authors can also host Q&A sessions and be paid for the reader’s entrance.  Readers can give authors their opinions on works for a fee as well.  A tipping feature will allow readers to determine how much content is worth.

iShook Bonuses

The number of iShook tokens earned can go up based on certain criteria.  Bonuses are given for content submitted milestones.  This will promote content creation even further as authors focus on releasing more and more of their work.  There will be bonuses based on engagement milestones and even for being active for a period of time.  Fully establishing a profile and inviting friends can bring your account more bonuses.

Token Supply

A fixed supply of 1 billion tokens will be in circulation.  570 million of these tokens will be given out as a normal token sale.  370 million will be locked in the iShook wallet.  Vendor payments have an allotment of 30 million tokens.  Advisors will receive 35 million tokens.  Lastly, 5 million will be distributed for promotional purposes.  There will not be any more tokens created.

Want to get in?  Check their whitepaper.

You can also view their bounty campaign here:

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