Mira ICO – The convenient way to exchange and store cryptocurrency

What makes Mira special?

Mira’s platform is used to store and exchange cryptocurrency safe and reliably.  Want to purchase cryptocurrency as well?  The platform lets you buy tokens just by sending a quick file.  The way that Mira’s smart contracts work will make the platform different from others.  One must use the combination of a password and account login requisites to be able to access MiraBox.  MiraBox can control the connection with the MiraNet blockchain while it pertains to smart contracts and opening and identifying data.

There will end up being multiple types of MiraBox containers.  Each of the different containers has their own feature.  The NominalBox container has only one cryptocurrency type.  The MultiBox container can support multiples cryptocurrencies.  The SmartBox container can do everything that the MultiBox container does and more.  The use of smart contracts will keep the container from being opened by someone that is unable to complete the contract.  The contents of the wallet could be viewed by the holder but must be opened under the smart contract conditions.

The Mira Token

The Mira token is used to pay for transaction fees that are encountered on the Mira platform.  An average of 30% of these tokens accepted as fees will end up getting burnt.  The others will stay on the Mira account and not get sold, thus helping the value of the coin.  Other services will cost fiat money and allow for Mira to grow and expand.  Those with Mira tokens can do certain activities.  They pick the role of a node, smart contract designer, or arbitrator to receive rewards put directly into their Mira wallet.

The MiraBox Solution

There are several advantages that come with using MiraBox.  Security is advanced to keep your tokens safe.  It is a file that can be exported and then imported anywhere.  With this ability, the file can be placed somewhere completely different than the blockchain.  The private key data is stored on the MiraNet blockchain.  The use of smart contracts allows the user to set conditions to be able to access the account.  It is also open source, so anybody can take it the code and add to it later for future advancements.  One can use MiraWallet for PC and for their mobile devices.

Token Distribution

There is a total of 30,770,000 Mira tokens.  24,000,000 of these tokens will end up being for sale.  3,300,00 will be used distributed during the pre-ICO. 1% is set aside for the bounty.  The reserve fund makes up 6% of the tokens.  The team and its advisors will get 15% of the tokens.  The final 78% will be up for normal sale.

Mira will take 65% of the money made and use it for future development.  10% of the total earned is put towards legal services.  8% will go to marketing the company during their first few years.  They will put 10% of the money in the reserve fund.

Funds Allocation


Want to learn more about the ICO?  Check out their website & whitepaper.

Mira Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMiraLab/

Mira Twitter page: https://twitter.com/OfficialMiraLab

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