Selfllery ICO – Earn cryptocurrency from your photography

What is Selfllery?

The easiest way to describe Selfllery would be to call it a social platform that allows users to earn rewards by distributing their photography.  An image that is popular and gets a lot of likes will end up earning the poster more rewards.  This reward comes in the form of a cryptocurrency that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.  This platform is not just limited to video.  Users can post video and also earn rewards from live streams.

What makes Selfllery special?

Users can finally earn money for their art that otherwise would have made nothing.  Advertisers will be able to promote their products and services using the platform’s tools and have the perfect place to do it if it involves visuals.  The search for a good visual market has never been easier.  This is all accomplished by a system that takes the concept of earning through art and combines that with the blockchain.

The number of digital photos taken each year has doubled for the last three years.  There have to be some good pictures out of all of the ones that you take in a year.  Why not post that picture online to be recognized and rewarded?  Social platforms are the best for advertising pictures and getting acknowledgment.  Selfllery wishes to capitalize on that idea.  Their website is running now and has been since 2016.

Here  is what the basic layout looks like:

The YOU Token

The You token is the Selfllery platform’s operating currency.  It is used for paid services on the platform and as the reward for distributing content.  It gives one the ability to donate and also to withdraw one’s earnings to their Ethereum wallet.  YOU tokens are given as a monetary reward for obtaining likes.  These likes have a value determined by different criteria that apply to the user liking the post.  This criterion consists of current activity that involves the number of posts liked and participation in other activities.

YOU tokens will be able to be purchased by sending fiat to a smart contract that will distribute the tokens.  One YOU token goes for 0.001 Ethereum during this initial stage.  Minimum investment of 0.1 Eth is required during the initial phase.

Here is a table of the pre-sale discounts:

Token Distribution

Buyers make up 64% of the tokens available during the token generation event.  These are tokens that are available for regular token sale.  The reward fund consists of 12% of the total tokens that will be in circulation.  The project team will receive 10% of the tokens.  10% go to the token reserve fund.  3% will go to advisors and the final 1% is to go to bounty participants.

Funds Allocation

After the token generation event, 50% of the ETH tokens generated will go towards project marketing.  25% will be put towards future product development.  10% will go put towards operating expenses and 10% will go to the reserve fund.  The last 5% will go towards legal expenses.

Interested in learning more about this ICO?  Check out their website & whitepaper.

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