SKYFchain – Changing the way logistics works with unmanned robots

SKYFchain Operating Goals

A solution to switching global logistics to unmanned robots is what SKYFchain seeks to provide.  The everyday operations and connection to clients of SKYF drone will be used to further develop and commission the SKYFchain.  The company hopes to set the standards for the robotic workforce while it pertains to financing, manufacturing, maintaining, operating, insuring, and issuing drones and robots.

SKYFchain Summary

Logistics can be improved to be more efficient and cost-effective with the use of unmanned robots in the air, on the ground, and at the sea.  The SKYFchain Operating Platform is the first B2R blockchain based platform that can be applied to all areas of robotics delivery.  The SKYF drone is the first unmanned robot of the SKYFchain and will give the SKYFchain the ability to work with clients and establish business processes.  The idea is to eventually have all unmanned cargo units connect with the SKYFchain.  Smart contracts make doing business with the blockchain even safer.

The SKYFchain has already provided services to oil rig companies and been informed that the cost savings of using their drone over a helicopter have been over five fold.  There have also been reports of savings up to 10 times the cost.  These sort of savings are why this innovative solution will be successful.

The SKYFT Token

The SKYFT Token is the currency that the SKYFchain will use.  There will be a fixed amount of 1,200,000,000 SKYFT tokens circulating.  These tokens are required for any transaction on the SKYFchain operating platform.  25% of the transaction fees go to the token holders and 25% goes to the development fund for future development.  The rest goes to the blockchains super-node holders.

Users of the platform can use fiat and accepted cryptocurrencies to automatically purchase SKYF tokens during transactions.  Normal operating transactions cost about $0.1.  There is also another type of transaction called a fintech transaction.  A fintech transaction is a fraction of the cost that is occurred when one drone is finished being financed through the system.

The pre-ICO target is set at $1,000,000 with a hard cap of $2,000,000.

The ICO is set to begin in May 2018.  Discounts for different stages of the ICO are listed below.

528,000,000 tokens are available for purchase during the ICO.  The hard cap is set at $30,000,000.  For every token sold, 1.27 tokens are created and distributed towards specific funds.

Token Allocation

The 528,000,000 SKYF tokens that are available during the ICO make up 44% of the allocation.  128,000,000 tokens go towards the network development fund.  The community development funds get 120,000,000 tokens.  The reserve funds will be allocated 114,000,000 tokens.  1.5% of the tokens, which comes out to be 18,000,000 will go towards the bounty campaign participants.  The team gets the final 20% of the tokens, which end up being 240,000,000 tokens.

Funds Allocation

Out of the total funds collected, 45% will go towards research and development.  25% will be used for marketing and platform development.  Operations, business, and corporate development are allocated 24% of the funds.  The last 6% will go towards legal and administrative fees.

Interested in learning more about the ICO?  Check out their website & whitepaper.

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