The Abyss (ICO) – Crypto Rewards Platform for Gamers and Developers

The Abyss ecosystem & how it works

The Abyss platform is one of the latest arrivals to the blockchain.  The platform will allow for many different types of games to be distributed and gives gamers and developers the opportunity to utilize one another.  One highlight of the Abyss is the referral system that gives gamers the chance to earn from other gamer’s.  They will also be able to earn from various other in-game activities.  Developers receive their own advantages since the cost of marketing their product will be reduced and referral payments earned through the platform make for a great incentive.  The platform comes with an internal CPA network and other benefits like referral fees that end up as free cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Advantages of the Abyss platform

The referral system has many great features to it.  Developers can earn by bringing in users that make payments and earn achievements.  To get the first check, the amount earned is easily obtainable and can be earned through fiat purchase or tokens.  The Abyss token will be able to be traded to wallets and exchanges.  Some money will be saved from lower marketing costs due to traffic being able to be exchanged from developer to developer.


Developers get a minimum share of 70% from user’s payments.  They will be able to get their share back in fiat if they wish to go that route.  The content that developers get access to will allow them to view player statistics.  The biggest reward is the targetted audience and how easy the platform makes it for developers to exchange traffic.  The platform also has 24/7 customer support.  Alpha and beta versions of games can be released to get opinions.  The feedback obtained from the platform is most definitely worth it.


Players get access to many games all in one place.  They have the chance to earn tokens for achievements they have gotten on games.  Options to create content and monetize it are available.  Players can help developers by completing tasks within the system and earn tokens for those tasks.

How to earn crypto rewards?

Game achievements make it possible to earn tokens within the platform.  Payouts from game achievements depend on the income generate from the game.  Other factors such as how often that achievement is obtained by others may determine the payout.

The platform will also allow the creation of master nodes which can earn additional tokens based on syndicate rating.

Another feature of the platform consists of a like and dislike system that rewards a user for obtaining many high-quality likes.  A user that has a high rating will have more weight with their likes and dislikes.  Rewards are distributed for quality content.

Auctions make it so that game components and other badges can be traded for tokens and vice versa.

Referral Program?  Count me in!

30% of the platforms transactions go towards the referral program.

User’s referred can bring in more users that also bring in more users up to the 5th tier.

Curious to learn more about The Abyss?  Check out their website & whitepaper.

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