Vanywhere – ICO – Skill-sharing platform on the blockchain

The Vanywhere Concept

Vanywhere seeks to change the way that people search for and obtain solutions where it pertains to a skill.  There are many people out there with unique skill sets that they are willing to provide in the form of freelance work.  There are also many people out there that would like to be able to easily find those people with specific skills.  The Vanywhere platform will bring people together to make it easier to perform and receive freelance work in many different areas.

Over the past couple of years, Vanywhere has developed and tested their product and worked on optimization.  The company was able to raise $500,000 last year.  They implemented blockchain technology during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of last year.  This year they will do a beta launch for iOS and after that they will launch on Android.  Their goal this year is to grow their ecosystem and next year they will launch their web application.

How does it work?

Vanywhere provides a platform that allows for interactions to take place through chat, voice, and even video.  People with unique skills such as social media expertise, design skills, or even celebrity figures can better monetize themselves.  The options for providing and receiving custom freelance work will serve a great purpose when it comes to employment and ease of access for employers.  Using blockchain technology for peer-to-peer payments lets everyone have a fair chance to market their service as it does not even require a bank account.  The blockchain also makes it safer because of the extra layer of security it provides.  A rating system can be implemented that helps to display reputability on the platform.

The Vany Token

The Vany token works with the Vanywhere platform.  Vany tokens are exchanged during every transaction.  The company makes their money from b2b partnerships and commissions and ad revenue that all stem back to the Vany token.  There will be options to review and approve posts made on the platform to earn tokens.  The tokens can be stored in a secure digital wallet.

The Token Sale

The total supply of Vany tokens is 800,000,000.  One token during the normal token sale is $0.05 USD.  Vanywhere may release a program for bonus tokens during the token sale.  They will post more information regarding this on their website and social media pages.

Token Distribution

The normal crowd sale makes up 50% of the allocation.  23% of the tokens sold during the ICO will go to the company.  14% will be distributed to the bounty campaign participants, advisors, and partners.  The final 13% will go to the team.

Funds Allocation

From the total funds that are collected, 36% will go towards development within the company.  35% of the funds will go towards operating costs.  Marketing will receive 20% of the funds allocated.  This leaves 5% of the funds collected to go towards legal expenses and 4% towards contingency.

Interested in this ICO and want to learn more?  Visit their website & whitepaper to educate yourself.

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