Worldopoly ICO – Mobile augmented reality taken to the streets

What is Worldopoly?

Worldopoly implements Blockchain/DAG and augmented reality into a multiplayer strategy game that operates in real time.  The game takes existing technology and uses it to make the game work.  Players can buy streets that actually exist based off of existing technology such as Google Maps.  Progress can be seen in the game through its use of augmented reality.  Real money can be made with the game because of WPT.  In-game items can be traded for the cryptocurrency.  This currency can be traded for other in-game services and even real money  There is no financial risk because users do not have to purchase anything initially.

How does it work?

Worldopoly combines the Blockchain/DAG technology with augmented reality and geopositioning to give you a game that is different from anything that has ever been created.

Three types of currencies lie within the game.  You can accumulate coins, WPT, or building resource.  Buildings and streets can be purchased and later upgraded.  The game has a shop and auction house for buying and selling items.  The use of smart contracts allows secure transfers for traders once certain conditions have been met in order for the transfer to be completed.

WPT Tokens

Along with gold and coins, this worlds as the currency in the game.  It is very similar to the way a company’s stock works.   However, all transactions take place on the blockchain.


  • WPT tokens can be used to buy Coins – the project’s main estimated local currency
  • One can visit the auction house to sell your in-game items.  The seller will be able to choose which currency that they are looking to sell the item for and name the price.
  • WPT tokens can be used to buy ad space and place an ad on objects that are owned by players.
  • In the future, Worldopoly will release competitions and other events that might require WPT tokens.
  • The in-game resources and currency can be traded for actual money on exchanges.
  • The token can be used for additional game functions, such as hidden locations

Get in on the token sale and receive discounted prices on in-game items and the ability to sell your tokens in the game in the future! 

Token Distribution

There will be a total of 200,000,000 tokens released.  Out of the 200m, 75% are for normal token sale.  The company gets the remaining 25%.  This will be split up into three different areas.  The team and founders will get 15% of the total 200m tokens.   5% goes for marketing and bonuses and 5% goes to the reserve fund.

Funds that are collected will be allotted to various expenditures.  30% will go into IT development.  Marketing and other promotional tactics will get 40% of the funds collected.  Other acquisitions and partnerships have 15% that are going towards them.  The operating costs and other administrative expenses will get 10% of the funds collected.  This leaves the remaining 5% for legal expenses.

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