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Bitcoin mining with alternative ASICs

Mineria Bitcoin con ASICs alternativos
Mineria Bitcoin con ASICs alternativos

When it comes to the famous Bitcoin mining machines, the ASICs, it is inevitable not to associate them with the big brands. The manufacture of these machines is mainly concentrated in five giants, which occupy more than 90% of the international market.

According to studies, the mining machinery market is dominated by Bitmain. However, this brand is closely followed by MicroBT and the quintet is completed by Innosilicon, Canaan Creatives and Ebang. The last two are listed on the Nasdaq.

However, despite the overwhelming oligopolistic dominance that these five manufacturers exert in the market, they are not the only ones. There are a number of alternative companies to the big ones, which manufacture ASICs for Bitcoin mining. In this work, we present some of them.

ASICs for Bitcoin mining, the world beyond Bitmain

As explained in other work, ASICs are machines that specialize in mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It should be remembered that the extraction of the main digital currency could be done from a GPU.

As stated above, there is an oligopoly of five giants in the manufacture of these specialized equipment. They control almost 90% of the market, mainly the two colossal MicroBT and Bitmain, which have more efficient and demanding equipment.

But there is a margin for small businesses, which offer an interesting variety of equipment. It is important to emphasize that many of these equipments are of low quality or, if not, his electrical consumption is high and in many cases, constitute a very high cost for the miners, those that bet safe by the big manufacturers.

Some of the alternative brands

It is important to keep in mind that some of this equipment may be of low quality. In this regard, it is advisable to take precautions and not invest in them unless you have the full security to do so.

The first on this list is Spondoolies. It is a company specializing in the manufacture and design of ASICs for Bitcoin mining. The best known equipment of this brand, are those of the SP series.

KNC is another of the manufacturing companies. Although the company does not currently exist, as problems led it to cease operations, some of its equipment can still be used. Their quality is low for obvious reasons.

Another company is Bitfury, a Dutch firm that has multiple services related to the Blockchain. The Tardis are their best ASICs for Bitcoin mining, although their efficiency is low due to their high power consumption.

The market for ASICs equipment for digital currency mining, specifically Bitcoin, is dominated by an oligopoly of five companies.  Source: BitMex.
The market for ASICs equipment for digital currency mining, specifically Bitcoin, is dominated by an oligopoly of five companies. Source: BitMex.

A long list

The list of alternative mining machinery manufacturing companies is much larger than you might think. Some of the firms described no longer exist, others are just starting operations. Meanwhile, a third group has not been able to break the competition of the Asian giants.

In this link, you will find a much wider list, which can be used as a reference to know the high variety of signatures. As always, the recommendation is to keep your eyes open and avoid buying poor quality products that can result in losses.

Efficiency is the factor to consider

As is well known, Bitcoin mining ASICs consume a high degree of energy. In many countries, electricity costs are quite high, so miners are betting on more efficient equipment.

When it comes to efficiency, these are machines that consume less energy and have greater hash power. These are the most sought after sites, once again, with the most expensive energy bills.

With this in mind, investing in equipment from unknown brands can be counterproductive in many places. Not only is there a risk of their quality, but also that they are not profitable.

Data to consider

  • Among the top five firms manufacturing ASICs equipment for Bitcoin mining, they occupy more than 90% of the market.
  • Among these five giants, MicroBT and Bitmain, are the absolute dominants.
  • Efficiency is one of the most important factors in ensuring the success of such a business.
  • The list of alternative companies to these giants, is surprisingly large. However, many of the firms have already disappeared.
  • The recommendation is not to be carried away by the low prices of these equipments, as many of them can be of low quality.

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