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Changelly: One of the fastest ways to exchange digital currency

40. on Changelly
40. on Changelly

Changelly is an online service that offers the possibility of exchanges between more than 140 different digital currencies, with a low commission (0.5% of the total to be exchanged) and an excellent exchange rate.

In order to obtain the best exchange rate, Changelly acts as an intermediary between you and the major market cryptocurrencies, Like Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, etc., since at the time of realizing an exchange, the algorithm implemented consults the distinct rates of the cryptomercado, choosing the optimum.

However, since Changelly is not the one who directly exchanges digital currency, the following must be taken into account: at the time of starting the exchange operation we are shown an estimated exchange rate, on the basis of which it calculates the sum we will receive in exchange. But this rate may vary slightly from the closing rate, Because the cryptocurrency will be responsible for setting the final exchange rate. However, Changelly guarantees that the difference will be considerably low, thanks to the immediacy with which transactions are made within the platform.

In the other hand, Changelly it blocks all types of exchange with certain digital currencies that suffer from extreme variations at a given time, specifically when a digital currency goes through a period of price volatility in a matter of seconds, to avoid a significant difference between the initial exchange rate and the closing rate.

It saves time on exchanges

The queries you make Changelly within a group of cryptocurrencies to determine the best exchange rate avoids the work of manually making fund deposits inside the exchange house, waiting for confirmation, making the exchange, and finally making the withdrawal.

In addition, this platform offers a maximum exchange time of 30 minutes, which could vary according to the congestion of the digital currency network you are exchanging.

With Changelly we exchange them are made directly and the final deposit is sent to the wallet of our choice.

Take it wherever you want

Changelly is not only a web service – a name we will use in this tutorial – but a platform with its own Android application, which will allow you to make the same exchanges you do from the web.

Changelly is integrated into wallets such as Jaxx Liberty, Atomic Wallet or Coinomi, which allow exchanges through this platform, but directly from the wallet.

24/7 support

A feature that stands out from Changelly is that the support service will be there for you 24/7, always waiting for what you need to be able to resolve your doubts. Just look for the following icon on the portal if you want to contact them.

Just click on it and a chat window will open, where you can contact one of the support operators on the Changelly team.

buy digital currency

Thanks to the integration of the Simplex service, through Changelly you will be able to buy digital currency with your bank cards in a simple and secure way.

Benefits of using Changelly

In short, with Changelly you will receive:

  • The best market rates, thanks to the integration of its algorithm in several exchange offices.
  • Reasonable rates, as we are talking about a 0.5% commission on the amount to be exchanged.
  • Fast transaction that will last between 5 and 30 minutes.
  • High limits of changes in each transaction.
  • 24/7 chat support.

To make exchanges in Changelly it is necessary to go to the main portal of Changelly.

The first step in registering is to select the option Register which you will find at the top.

Just add an email for registration. Although, there is the possibility of registering through one of your social networks, Com: Facebook or Twitter.

The next step is to press on continue exchange, To receive an email for the purpose of confirming the email address and finalizing the registration, which looks like this:

Remember that if you can’t find this mail in your inbox, you need to search your spam folder or spam.

To confirm your email address you must click on the link ‘the following link ‘ and you will receive an email with your login credentials, the email address and a password self-generated by the platform.

We recommend, for security reasons, to change the self-generated password, for this you enter the Changelly portal again, with the credentials received and select the option account at the top and back configuration, where you can change the password.

The steps to swapping through Changelly are pretty straightforward. The first is to be registered on the platform.

The second step is to go to the main page to choose the two digital currencies we will exchange.

The first thing we will do is choose the digital currency to send: for this, we will click on the acronym BTC for display the list with all currently available cryptocurrencies. The next step is to choose the digital currency to receive from the box below.

Then you need to place the amount to send, And in doing so we will see how at the bottom we are shown the total to be received, depending on the current exchange rate. Please note that Changelly uses minimum amounts required to exchange, which vary depending on the digital currency selected. And, in case you place a sum that is less than this, a small yellow text will be displayed indicating the current minimum sum.

To go to the next step press exchange now.

In this screen you can see in more detail the data on the exchange to be performed. Please note that from here you can also change the values ​​previously recorded, such as digital currency and the amount to be exchanged.

In the details section you can access:

  • The exchange rate estimated by Changelly, in this case 1BTC = 29.22 ETH.
  • The exchange commission, which refers to the amount charged by the platform to execute the transaction.
  • The network fee, which is the mining commission payable.
  • Estimated Arrival, which is the estimated average time to complete the process. en sometimes this time will differ depending on the congestion presented by the network of digital currency we are receiving.

Remember that the exchange rate is estimated, because the amount of digital currency to receive may vary from what the platform had originally estimated.

To continue, we must read the Terms and Conditions of Use, and agree, check the box and select next Step

The next step is to put the destination address of the digital currency we will receive and then press next step.

Finally, before sending the funds, we are shown the details of the exchange to be made. The novelty here in terms of the data you saw at the beginning of this process, would be the direction of the receiver.

It only remains then to press Confirm and make the payment.

Finally, it is time to send the digital currency to exchange by scanning the QR code or copying the wallet address shown on screen. Remember to send the exact amount you indicated at the beginning as if the address does not receive the full sum the exchange will not run.

Once the funds have been sent, wait for the transaction to receive the minimum amount of confirmations corresponding to your blockchain, confirm the transaction from Changelly and receive the funds in your wallet.

You can find the history of exchanges that you have made or that are in full execution by clicking on account and then about the option history.

The main thing to note about this platform is the time you save on the exchange, as you do not need to do a manual search in several exchange offices looking for the best rate, but you can get it in no time. in one place.

Another interesting fact is the number of different digital currencies available as Changelly has more than 130 different cryptocurrencies between tokens or digital currency available for exchanges.

You can also watch the video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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