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Google search giant lifts 2018 ban on digital currency exchange and wallet ads

In a surprise move today, online advertising giant Google has lifted a nearly three-year policy banning digital currency exchanges from using their advertising services.

“As of August 3, advertisers offering digital currency exchanges and U.S.-targeted wallets can advertise these products and services that meet the following requirements and are certified by Google,” reads a policy update. on the company support page.

Requirements to be approved by exchanges include the need to be registered with “FinCEN as a monetary service company and with at least one state as a money transmitter” or “a state-authorized or federal bank.” , which could open the door to ads for services like Anchorage and Paxos.

However, the new policy will not open the door to the vast majority of cryptographic institutions, as “announcements of initial currency offerings, challenging trading protocols or promoting the purchase, sale or trade of digital currency or products related ”continue to be prohibited. News and graphics aggregators, as well as “signals” and analytics services also remain on the ad blacklist.

Google’s policies around cryptographic ads have often been conflicting, and at some points experts have called them “unfair.” Throughout 2018, the search giant changed the ban on exchange ads, at one point had ‘Ethereum’ as a blacklisted word in the ads and, despite strict policies, occasionally allowed fraudulent projects were leaked.

The new advertising policy means that US-based cryptography enthusiasts. UU. They will soon be bombarded with ads. Binance US and FTX are currently struggling to gain market share in the United States, and FTX in particular is willing to spend on unconventional advertising sites. Earlier this year, it was announced that FTX had bought the Miami Heat House name rights from the National Basketball Association until 2040, the future FTX Arena.

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