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How to Buy Gift Cards with Digital Currency Using Coinsbee

how to buy gift cards with digital currency using coinsbee
how to buy gift cards with digital currency using coinsbee
Key facts:
  • Pay with over 50 different digital currencies.
  • No registration required, just buy and change.

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Coinsbee is a platform where you can buy digital currency gift cards for more than 500 brands, including Amazon, Netflix, Steam, and many more. This, no registration required and very fast.

Gift cards, or balance cards, as you can also find them, are coupons that you exchange for balance within now Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon, or any other. This allows you to make purchases on platforms that do not support cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

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Coinsbee also offers Visa, Mastercard and American Express prepaid debit cards that you buy / top up with digital currency.

Table of Contents

Digital currency available on Coinsbee

Digital currency available on Coinsbee. Source: Coinsbee.

There are over 50 digital currency options for buying gift cards or phone top-ups within Coinsbee: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoins Cash (BCH), among others. In addition, you can make instant payments with BTC and LTC through your Lightning network.

Look for your gift card on Coinsbee

At Coinsbee you do not need to register to buy. So let’s go straight to finding the gift card you need from the over 500 brands available.

Coinsbee main cover. Source: Coinsbee.

Upon entering Coinsbee, you can search for the gift card of your preference by placing the button Buy gift cards on the top.

Some of the cards available on Coinsbee. Source: Coinsbee.

Gift cards are divided by region (country) and into four broad categories: e-commerce, games, and payment cards (virtual credit card).

When choosing the card, the first thing you need to consider is the local currency you will pay with. For example, if you are looking for a Netflix card for Spain, you have to select the European Union in the region box, because the billing is in euros. If, for example, you buy the US card (dollars) you will not be able to change it on Netflix Spain.

Some gift cards are not available in all regions, so you will need to verify before making your purchase.

Coinsbee shopping cart. Source: Coinsbee.

When entering the card you want to buy, you can choose the desired balance from the option Select the value. The quantities are already predefined. They range from USD 5 to over USD 1,000 and vary depending on the card you choose. In some it may be a single sum.

Before you go ahead, an important thing to keep in mind when choosing your gift card balance is that, depending on the amount to buy, not all digital currencies may be available. That’s because CoinGate, Coinsbee’s digital currency payment provider, limits the amounts to pay with some digital currency to at least 0.005 BTC depending on the market change. This only in some cases.

Now, with that clarified, you can send the card to the shopping cart from the option Add to cart.

Complete the order

You already have the cards ready in the basket; it’s time to pay. Select the option Shopping cart top menu.

Coinsbee shopping cart. Source: Coinsbee.

Once you have verified that all the information is correct, especially the amount to be purchased and the amount, you must place an email where you will be sent the card code or the link to change it.

Then you have to press on proceed to the box.

The prices to be paid in digital currency that you see reflected in the image above are approximate. You will see the actual amount expressed at the time the payment invoice is issued.

Bitcoin is always available no matter how much you buy within Coinsbee. Source: CoinGate.

In the next step you will need to read the terms and conditions and the contract agreement shown to you at the bottom. If you agree with everything, check the corresponding boxes and click on Buy now with digital currency.

Payment address generated in CoinGate. Source: CoinGate.

We are now in CoinGate. What comes next is choosing the digital currency you want to pay with.

If in your case you want to pay with Lightning, either Bitcoin or Litecoin, you have to mark the small switch below the corresponding digital currency.

Also, in the option of More currencies (More currencies) you can see the rest of the available digital currency. The list may be incomplete in the case of low sums.

Once you’ve chosen your digital currency, you’ll need to re-enter your email to check the option. Pay with.

This is the payment invoice, with the destination address. You have the address of the digital currency, in this case Bitcoin, with its abstraction in QR code, for convenience in case you want to scan it.

What follows is to make the payment. But keep this in mind: Upstairs is a timer that is your payment window. This is the time you have to send the funds to the address.

Remember to send the exact amount shown on your payment invoice.

When you send, for the case of Bitcoin, you will need to wait for the transaction to receive 1 confirmation within the network, which varies depending on the currency. This confirmation may be out of time in the payment window. The important thing is to send the funds before the payment window expires.

Already at this point, with the payment made and the invoice in the status confirming (Confirming), you can close the window. When payment is confirmed, you will receive the card code or link by email, ready to use.

Prepaid credit cards with digital currency at Coinsbee

Vanilla Visa card available at Coinsbee. Source: Coinsbee.

One of the interesting products you can get on Coinsbee are Visa, Mastercard and American Express prepaid credit cards. They work like a virtual credit card and you can buy them in digital currency through Coinsbee.

You can use the cards anywhere they accept prepaid credit cards from these brands.

However, it should be noted that in general these cards are only for products that are paid in US dollars and are aimed at US territory. Making that, in some cases, to exchange the card it is necessary to give an address and telephone number of the United States that are real.

In order to open the Coinsbee Visa and Mastercard exchange link, you must be outside the United States. In the case of the Vanilla (Visa) and AmEx (American Express) card if you have to be within the United States.

However, Coinsbee indicates that it is possible to change the card using VPN. You can see this below in the description of how the product is delivered.

For some cards it is mandatory to provide a US address and number. Source: Coinsbee.

If you want to buy this card, the process is exactly the same as we explained above.

Trade limits

In Coinsbee there is no defined trade limit. However, there are limits to how much you can buy without registration. For example:

  • If your purchase is greater than EUR 1,000, you will need to register on the platform.
  • If the daily trade from your account exceeds EUR 10,000 you will have to go through a verification through an identity document, be it a certificate, passport or license.
  • If the daily trade amount exceeds EUR 15,000, you will need to verify your identity document and a document proving your residence address.

Verifications have a maximum period of 24 hours.

The price in fiat currency is fixed and no extra commissions are charged. Source: Coinsbee.

Coinsbee commissions

The commissions on Coinsbee are unique and are directly reflected in knowing how much you are going to pay for a gift card.

You can see the total to be paid reflected on the button Add to cart, after choosing the card amount.

The fixed amount to be paid is expressed in fiat currency, either euros or dollars. The sum in digital currency is approximate and may change when generating the invoice, as the total in fiat currency is charged at the market exchange for the chosen cryptocurrency.


The ease of use and amount of cards available is what ultimately make Coinsbee attractive. And we are talking about 500 different brands, which you can pay with 50 different digital currency. Great!

The benefit of Coinsbee is the usability you give to your digital currency, even more so if you are a user who has cryptocurrency and depends a lot on them. You can do your shopping online quietly, in places you would never imagine would accept bitcoins or digital currency. That, added to this, with the ability to use prepaid credit cards, increases the range of options.

On the downside, one could say that you can’t always pay with the 50 different digital currency as it depends on the sum. It is also possible to mention the detail that the balance of the card is already predefined, limiting the user a bit.

In conclusion, Coinsbee is a great platform, which allows you to make more use of your digital currency to purchase products on portals where the use of cryptocurrencies is not enabled.

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