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Learn how to send and receive digital currency via WhatsApp with Lite.IM

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In a previous article we talked in detail about this portfolio, now is the time to learn how to use it.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms worldwide, with more than 223 million quarterly installations of its mobile app for Android and iOS, according to Sensor Tower, and about 500 million daily users , according to Statista. Now, this app not only allows you to stay connected with your friends, but also, thanks to the Zulu Republic team, you can make digital currency transactions directly from the app.

Lite.IM, which is the name of the wallet, Is a wallet that works directly from WhatsApp, And for that, he makes use of a bot or software robot that acts as an intermediary between you and your keychain, and that you can manage from a chat window.

From this wallet can be managed April different digital currency: BTC, LTC, ZTX and ETH.

On the other hand, while it is an atypical purse compared to others we can find on the market, this can also be supported by using the recovery seed, which Lite.IM creates when generating the keychain. This allows that, in addition to managing within WhatsApp, you can import into a portfolio that supports this seed format (12 words in English) and manage the funds in a traditional portfolio.

It should also be noted that this wallet is a detached accessory from Whatsapp, so if any errors happen, you will need to communicate directly with the Zulu Republic team.

What do you need to use this wallet?

The first is to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device. In addition, the phone number you are using within the messaging application must be a line that is active, and preferably match the number of your phone line. This is because security codes will be sent to you via SMS to confirm withdrawals, and also when generating the recovery seed.

Can you use it on WhatsApp web?

Yes. Since the handling of the bot is done through a chat window. If you can keep a conversation via WhatsApp web without any problems, you can use this wallet without any inconvenience.

Tips before you start

  • Since we are talking about a portfolio that is stored on third-party servers, it works with low amounts of your digital currency.
  • It is recommended that you clear your chat history each time you use it.
  • Keep your wallet propped up to prevent losses.

Connect with the Bot

The first step we will take to use Lite.IM will be to connect to it bot. There are different options for this: the easiest is to enter the following link, which, if you open it from your phone, will send you directly to WhatsApp.

A chat window has opened here together with the word HODL which, when you click send, will begin the process of generating a new portfolio.

Another option is that we can write directly to the phone number +1 (786) 9167825 the word HODL, of course, via WhatsApp.

Once the bot have responded, we will begin the process of generating our new portfolio. Keep in mind that this process can take a while depending on the saturation that the bot may have at this time.

Generating the Lite.IM portfolio in WhatsApp

With communication established, the first step will be to choose the language. As you can see, we are shown a menu of options where we can configure English or Spanish. This can be changed later.

All that remains is to send a message with the number corresponding to the language we choose.

The next step is to indicate the secret key. This key allows you to give a layer of security to our portfolio, as to make shipments or request the recovery seed, you must enter it.

Tip: Once the key is sent and confirmed by the bot, delete the chat history so that your wallet is not compromised.

At this point, you have already successfully created your Lite.IM portfolio.

first steps

Once the keychain has been generated, the main menu is displayed, as shown in the image above. From there we can manage the wallet in its entirety.

On the other hand, before you start sending and receiving digital currency, we recommend that you back it up, or specifically, protect the recovery seed. And for that, we will select the option 3: Export Portfolio.

Here we will be shown the options that allow us to import either the key WIF (Private key) or the recovery phrase. Note that if you want to export and support the key WIF, You have to do it for each of the four digital currencies that Lite.IM handles, instead, with the phrase recovery, you can support all 4 wallets with the same seed.

For our case, we will choose the option 2: Phrase.

Now we have to put a code that will be sent to us via SMS. In case you do not receive the code, you can always request a new one using the option 1: New Code.

With the code confirmed, we will now need to enter the secret key, and with that we will be able to see the 12 words of recovery. Remember to store them in a safe place, preferably on a sheet of paper, away from any digital media.

At this point we have already created and supported our Lite.IM portfolio, now is the time to start exchanging digital currency.

You can return to the main menu by sending the “?” Symbol.

to receive, You will need to go to main menu and choose the option 1: Receive.

Here are the different options with which you can receive funds in the Lite.IM portfolio.

  • 1: Digital wallet: Shows us the public address of the digital currency we have selected.
  • 2: QR: El bot will send us an image of our public address along with its QR code abstraction.
  • LiteIM: Shows us the phone number or email of our account, where other users can send funds.
  • change currency: From here you can change the selected digital currency, considering that the default currency is BTC.

In our case we will choose the first option that will allow us to see the public address.

Now, once the digital currencies are sent, we can only wait for them to be confirmed. It should be noted that, in our case, once the payment had been confirmed in the Bitcoin blockchain, it did not immediately appear reflected within the portfolio. You had to wait up to 3 confirmations for Lite.IM to notify you that a payment had been received.

Upon receiving this message, you can now start managing funds within your Lite.IM portfolio.

If you want to see the transactions, You can go to main menu and select the option 2: Transactions.

This will provide you with a link to a blog browser, In this case for Bitcoin, where you can check the history of your keychain.

For the case of shipping, The first thing we will do is choose the option 0: Send in the main menu.

When viewing this message, you must enter either a public address –make sure it matches the digital currency you have selected– or you can also put a phone number or email from a user who has an account within Lite.IM. You can also change the currency you want to send.

Now you have to indicate in which unit you want to indicate the amount to send; you can choose between US dollars or digital currency. In our case we will choose the option 2: BTC.

When you see this message, you will need to indicate the amount to send, taking into account the available balance, and the unit we selected in the previous step. You can also choose the option 1: Send Everything, Which will place the maximum amount you can send, subtracting the mining commission.

Finally, you will need to place your secret key to specify the shipment.

Seeing this message Ready! You have successfully submitted a submission.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lite.IM

When you want to receive funds from a digital currency, you must have the public address of our portfolio, where these funds will be received, however, with Lite.IM has more options. In addition to having a public address – and yes, only one address per cryptocurrency – you can receive and send cryptocurrencies using the phone number or email associated with your Lite.IM account, Making the exchange easier, especially for new users.

On the other hand, while making transfers through personal numbers is an advantage, this is counterproductive to the privacy that digital currencies offer. In the first instance, according to the privacy policies of Zulu Republic, this company stores all the information you share with them, Which includes phone numbers, emails and cookies. Similarly, keep in mind that the wallet we generate will be stored on your servers. And we could not see if these files have some kind of encryption where only the user can views.

Lite.IM on vagis

In addition to having a wallet for WhatsApp, Lite.IM can be used on platforms like Telegram, Facebook Messeger and even with SMS messaging service.

So, if in your case you want to use Lite.IM for platforms like Telegram or Facebook Messenger, we leave below the links to the corresponding bots. And, in terms of how to use it, you can follow the same instructions in this tutorial.

Telegram: @ Lite.im

Facebook Messenger: @ Lite.im


The wallet generally leaves a good feeling: it’s fast, easy, and very user-friendly for new users. In short, is it a wallet to carry everywhere, as how many of us don’t use WhatsApp on a daily basis?

Remember that this portfolio is stored on a private server next to your information, so it can be stated that we are not talking about a private portfolio. That is why as advice, it is prudent to manage small sums, and not use it as the main portfolio, as if the bot is saturated, the response times can be quite long.

Don’t forget to go through our Youtube channel and don’t miss our step-by-step tutorial videos.

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