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MetaMask doubles efforts to address security in addition to scalability, says CEO amid new phishing alert


MetaMask doubles efforts to address security in addition to scalability, says CEO amid new phishing alert

The popular cryptocurrency portfolio is experiencing significant growth amid an ongoing bullish market thanks to the NFTs of “really big cultural events” and the emergence of side chains and layer 2 networks.

The popular MetaMask cryptographic wallet is alerting its users to a phishing attack that is currently circulating in the market.

On Monday, MetaMask reported that a new type of fishing boat was activated. He comes from an account that looks “normal” but has few followers.

The fake account then suggests that people fill out a support form at an important site like Google Sheets, which is hard to block, and request their secret recovery phase, which should never be shared with anyone. .

“An easy and straightforward way to prevent this type of phishing attack is to ONLY seek support WITHIN the application for which you want help,” says MetaMask. The cryptographic portfolio also states that it always directs users to your domain.

Security is actually one of the biggest problems in the short term in addition to scalability. The latter is about facilitating and simplifying the use of Ethereum-compatible strings and layer 2 solutions that MetaMask is currently addressing. MetaMask co-founder Dan Finlay; in an interview with Laura Shin on her podcast “UNCONFIRMED” said,

“We’re really redoubled and redoubled our efforts to improve our incorporation education, improve in-app education, simply trying to protect users from fishermen as much as possible.”

MetaMask has been doing a lot of different research on ways to change the portfolio and improve education, continuing with its extensibility project, which will allow them to integrate more and more types of accounts, such as multifactor-type accounts, that will allow users to block his accounts, even more so, Finlay asserted.

This is a critical time for the Internet to start growing on how people discover information, and it’s one of the big struggles MetaMask is waging this quarter, he added.

Recently, as we reported, MetaMask reached the milestone of five million monthly active users, representing a 5x growth in just six months after reaching 1 million active users in October alone during the market bullish in progress.

This user base is very diverse in both use cases and demographics, Finlay said, adding that continued growth was the combination of some factors that came together, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). ), a “really big cultural event” that brought a lot of people.

NFTs were a fairly simple, attractive and fun use case, Finlay said.

At the same time, we are seeing the emergence and emergence of many Ethereum-compatible blockchains, side chains and Layer 2 networks, and this is really increasing the scalability of the platform, he said.


Anty has been involved in the cryptographic space full time for over two years. Prior to her blockchain beginnings, she worked with the NGO Doctor Without Borders as a fundraiser and has since explored, read and created for different segments of the industry.

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