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Signature backed by Mike Novogratz announces $ 100 million digital currency investment fund

Cryptology Asset Group, a Malta-based investment team co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Mike Novogratz and Christian Angermayer, is ready to offer support to VC crypto companies.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the European group of companies announced plans to float a $ 100 million investment in cryptocurrencies for the first time. As part of the announcement, the investment team revealed that it will take a business approach in building its cryptocurrency portfolio with a focus on emerging managers and GP seeding.

Cryptology already has a significant footprint in the space of cryptography and the blockchain with investments in companies such as cryptocurrency asset manager Iconic Funds and Bitcoin mining operator (BTC) Northern Data.

In fact, Cryptology also offers indirect exposure to developer EOS Block.one and its recently announced $ 10 billion Bullish Global encryption technology company.

Commenting on the planned investment fund, Cryptology co-founder Angermayer said:

“We are at the beginning of the digital currency revolution and we strive to become one of the world’s leading investors in this fledgling asset class. Our fundraising strategy will focus on emerging talent, adopting a global approach, and will cover both funds investing in shares of crypto and blockchain-related companies and funds investing in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

For Patrick Lowry, CEO of Cryptology, the company’s biggest focus on the digital currency market lies in the fact that the industry is the best investment bet. Lowry said Cryptology has increased its assets under management to $ 548 million from an initial capital investment of approximately $ 33 million.

According to Lowry, the Malta-based company has enjoyed an estimated internal rate of return (IRR) of over 300% per annum. The CEO attributed the company’s positive growth exercise to the “tectonic changes” triggered by the emerging cryptographic asset class.

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